Wardrobe Tips

opening and sliding wardrobe by Centro

How to choose the ideal wardrobe for your room!

Wardrobe is the second most important piece of furniture after the bed. So choosing the right wardrobe is very important.
Depending on your space, you need to choose the dimensions of the wardrobe, the color, the material and how to form the internal storage.
Free-standing wardrobes are more flexible, while built-in wardrobes are more practical.
The second most important thing after the dimensions is whether you want a sliding or opening wardrobe.
The basic difference between a sliding and opening wardrobe is how they open. The sliding wardrobe is ideal for smaller spaces as it does not have opening doors to block the space.
Although the opening wardrobe can be considered more classic than the sliding wardrobe which definitely gives a modern touch to the space, it has the advantage to fully exploit the height of the room as the maximum height it can reach is 3.21 m in contrast to the sliding which reaches 2.72 m.
The color of the wardrobe is also important as it needs to match and complete the decoration of the room.
Last but not least, the internal part of the wardrobe can be designed as you wish and you can choose between lift mechanisms, drawers, shelves and various wardrobe accessories to create a space tailored to your requirements!

Organize your wardrobe!

We all have small items, jewelery, accessories that we always look for and usually end up finding them in the most unlikely places.
Whether it's jewelery or simple items, all deserve a place in your wardrobe!
At Centro you can choose from a wide range of wardrobe accessories, tailored to your needs and preferences, creating the wardrobe of your dreams!



Wardrobe accessories

Wardrobes are an essential item in every bedroom, they add character and style as well as to create an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional space.
Their design has evolved so that it transforms your space into a studio workshop.
The proper study of the interior and available area, ergonomic design which combines full and empty spaces, lines and surfaces, and also accessories, will create an atmosphere of irresistible elegance to satisfy any functional need.
Centro wardrobes are distinguished for their high aesthetics and flexibility and come with a variety of accessories, colors and materials, that allow for the perfect wardrobe closet solution.

Visit one of our Centro stores in your region and in collaboration with specialized designers create an impressive and functional wardrobe, the closet of your dreams!



Bedroom inspired by shades of green

Turn your bedroom into a space that exudes serenity, optimism and positive energy, integrating furniture, small items, linens, or rugs in shades of green.
Green color is known for its soothing properties and is an excellent choice for those who want to put a little color in their bedroom.
Maintain balance and harmony, combining green with white, gray or beige.
Wardrobe, Nook, with textured veneer doors in green lacquered matt and a distinctive recess at the doors edge, that makes them easy to grasp and open without the need of a handle, easily finds a place in your bedroom.Centro wardrobes are distinguished for their high aesthetics and flexibility and come with 5 years warranty.
They offer a wide range of storage systems and high quality mechanisms, for arranging and storing your favorite clothes and accessories.

Visit one of our Centro stores in your region and in collaboration with specialized designers create a bedroom closet that serves your needs.

Front hall wardrobe

The hallway introduces guests to our home and inclines them to continue their journey into the interior.

It can give us a warm and welcoming feel while reflecting the overall aesthetics for the rest of the rooms.

So turn an ordinary hallway into an a practical impressive space.
Choose a wardrobe with either opening or sliding doors or even open shelving and organize clothing, umbrellas, bags and objects used by you or your guests in your daily life.Centro wardrobes are distinguished for their high aesthetics and flexibility, as they can adapt to the size you want.
They offer ergonomics design, for arranging and storing your favorite clothes and accessories.

Visit your nearest Centro store and select materials and color combinations through a rich, modern color palette and create your own wardrobe!

Pop art décor

Those who love the colors and the modern way of life love the pop art.
Colorful portraits, illustrations comic, bizarre patterns, movie scenes and product labels are sources of inspiration for this form of contemporary art.
Give your bedroom a modern and optimistic tone, "painting" the until now large and indifferent areas with pop art images.
Free walls, curtains, linens, and even the doors of your wardrobe can be used to express yourself.

Centro products can give life to every art form!

Choose a Centro bedroom wardrobe, with hinged or sliding doors in glass or structured surfaces and apply art images that represent you.

Whatever your requirements in design, style, organization and storage might be, visit your nearest Centro store and in cooperation with experienced designers create a wardrobe according to your own needs.

Become a Citizen of the World! 

This year wall decor becomes global.

Maps are returning with a more updated and modern version so that you may find the one that suits you. Renew your bedroom adopting the most hottest trend of the year, without any stylistic and chromatic limitation. Tapestries, paintings, wall stickers and independent constructions of wood or metal are some of the forms available commercially.

Whichever form you choose, mix colors and materials with the doors from your closet for an impressive result.

The new Centro wardrobe model, Equal, with the ability to customize multiple panels in different colors and materials is an excellent choice for your space.
Centro wardrobes, distinguished for their high aesthetics and flexibility. They offer integrated organizing systems, for arranging and storing your favorite clothes and accessories.

Visit one of our Centro stores and in collaboration with specialized designers create the wardrobe that best suits your needs!

Easily remove the smell of mothballs

Many of us store woolens in special bags or boxes in closets accompanied with naphthalene in the form of mothballs or crystals so to protect from moisture and moths.

But when it's time to take out our woolens, the smell from the mothballs is suffocating.

Permanently get rid of the unpleasant smell in three simple steps:

step 1
Expose your woolens to light and fresh air.

step 2
Then, rinse and leave to dry naturally.

step 3
Finally, store them back into the closet together with bags of lavender or cedar balls.

Industrial style

Adopt an industrial decorating style and create an impressive bedroom dominated by tranquility and practicality.
The industrial is all about material in its raw state. Combine surfaces of metal and wood, exposed pipes, beams, bricks and cement to create a major impact aesthetically.
An unfinished look that often includes unpainted walls with metal fixtures or painting only one wall in your bedroom in an intense color for more vitality.
Complete the dominant style with ergonomic upgrades in your space, incorporating a hinged or sliding Centro wardrobe in our new shade K200, inspired by industrial cement.

Whatever style options you like, visit your nearest Centro store in your region and in collaboration with expert decorators create a perfect wardrobe for your specific needs.

Mechanism of sliding doors Luxury

The wardrobe series Luxury is targeted to the fans of glass surfaces. With heavy duty mechanisms and doors which are supported on the upper cabinet part, make them appear to float.
The controlled movement in each opening or closing action, by use of high quality brake completes the absolute sense of luxury.
The panels are always glass and available in different colors which offer the possibility of various combinations dividing the panels horizontally with distinctive
aluminum profiles in 1cm thickness.
Spacers and profiles are available in 7 colors (aluminum, white, black, olive green, anthracite, mushrooms and dark brown) and the final aesthetic may be the result of your preferences.

Visit one of our Centro stores and in collaboration with specialized designers and created your dream wardrobe!