Open space: how to make good use of the closet!

There are many ideas and proposals on how to design a small bedroom in order to look cute and cozy! But what happens when the bedroom is a large open space?

Open spaces give a lot of options for decoration and designing the furniture. But it can become chaotic, inhospitable and not have the warmth and coziness we seek.

The wood as the main material, warm colors on the walls, furniture and fabrics, carpets, or even a fireplace, will definitely help to make the space look cozy.
However, in open spaces, the spot where the bed will be placed, needs to be separated in order to have privacy.

Therefore, the closet, can work as a room divider, as it can stand on its own without a wall, offering an aesthetically enhanced result!

It can be placed in the middle of the room where the bed can be placed on the one side, where also the closet door will be face and on the other side can be placed anything we would like to include in the space, such as a small living area!

Mondrian closet works as a smart divider, while its light natural color acts coherently, offering harmony.