About us

CENTRO Kitchens & wardrobes are produced in Greece, by NIKOLIDAKIS GROUP. An authentic Greek company with 50 years of experience and a successful course, guided with quality, reliability and innovation.

With over 24 sales points in Greece and presence in more than 20 countries around the world, we provide quality, durability and flexibility to adapt to the individual needs of each family.

Family Values

At NIKOLIDAKIS GROUP we firmly believe that the company is part of who we are. We always work in consistency with our core values. That is why our partners and customers in Greece and abroad prefer our products and services, positioning CENTRO as an industry leader.

Our Philosophy

Kitchen at the Centre
The kitchen lays at the heart of every home and represents the core of the family life. Our main goal is to provide careful layout planning and sensible furniture proposals, in order to turn your kitchen into a cozy and functional space that will host wonderful moments and memories with your family and friends.

Around the World

Stay Alert
Thanks to our privately owned production facilities, our company is able to cover all the needs of our customers in Greece and abroad. We continue our successful course driven by our restless spirit, exploring new paths and markets to expand our exports. Our daily production capacity overcomes 200 kitchen units and 150 cabinets that host today family moments in 20 countries in Europe, Asia and America. Exports represent more than 60% of NIKOLIDAKIS GROUP turnover.


We strive for the best
Our commitment and personal involvement throughout the production process ensure the high quality of our offerings. From raw materials to final touch, we embody cutting edge technology so as to push the boundaries and set new standards. We acknowledge the importance of the kitchen as the place where the family’s heart beats. This is why we make sure that our products are resistant, ergonomic and reliable.

Our history

Remember where you come from
CENTRO kitchen sets are manufactured by NIKOLIDAKIS GROUP S.A., a Greek company founded in 1972 by Konstantinos Nikolidakis, that continues its successful course driven by its commitment for quality, reliability and innovation. The family’s second generation has taken up the reins combining cutting edge technologies with the company’s long experience, laying the foundation for future growth.


Take our words for granted
We seek to remain trustworthy and honor your loyalty. We are committed to keeping our promises by performing continuous quality checks at every stage of the production process and through 360 after-sales services. We don’t believe in chance, that is why we can guarantee your satisfaction.


Respond to real needs
We design and create CENTRO kitchens based on the real, practical, everyday needs of the modern family. We do not believe in the fleeting luxury. We believe and stand by timeless quality with prices that are affordable to all. For that reason, we cooperate with famous brands to obtain materials and accessories in order to guarantee the safety and ergonomic standards that you deserve.


Modern manufacture is defined by modern machinery. At CENTRO we employ the latest technology in hardware and software, and we are not afraid to introduce innovative procedures in our production facilities, in order to safeguard the quality of our products and the safety of our employees.

Ecological footprint

We make our decisions based on our commitment for “green” operation, acting respectfully towards the environment, our people and our customers. Our goal is to reduce our company’s ecological footprint.

That is why we invest in R&D of new technologies and methods and we implement recycling and energy reduction programs.

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