Ela chair is an ash wood chair with curved beech plywood shell/back. Seat, back and legs are available in standard colors.


Jazz chair, with its elegant design, is ideal for your kitchen or dining room. The beautiful combination of a bright color in seat with painted metal structure and curved beech plywood in seat and back makes it the perfect choice to complete the look of your preference.


Shape armchair has simple lines and design, with painted metal structure and shell in curved beech plywood.


Brigitta made with recycled polypropylene plastic is a seating with a classic clean design. Soft colours and round shapes enhance the framework material.


Wave chair is designed with metallic frame and polycarbonate seat whilst is also available in different colors.


Drop chair with metallic frame and polypropylene seat gives a minimal style to your space with its simple design. The chair is available in a wide variety of colors.


Pebble chair with metallic frame and upholstered seat is a beautifully designed chair whick gives you the ability to change the colors of the frame as well as the seat.