How to turn your bedroom into a 5-star hotel room!

Rooms in 5-star hotels always create a sense of calmness, relaxation, freshness and cleanliness.
In recent years our daily lives have been so stressful, to the point that the bedroom is a place where we sleep, read, work, drink our coffee or eat. So, it is very important to make it as functional as possible to serve our needs.
You will probably have noticed that most hotels use white a lot because it is “clean” and classy.
Therefore, choose a dominant color in light shades and use darker tones on pillows, blankets, carpet and other decorations such as poufs, armchairs, tables, etc.

Also, the combination of textures is a common phenomenon in sophisticated spaces. Choose different materials for your pillows, add rugs, metal decorations and elegant paintings.
To make the space more functional, create a corner with a library and armchairs or an office where you can work, read or eat.
Furthermore, many people add a coffee maker or a kettle in their bedroom for easy access and enjoy their coffee and tea, either when they wake up or during the day. You can choose between different coffee maker designs and integrate it into the decor.
The most important feature of a hotel room, which we left for last, is the bed and especially its bedding!
Making the bed on a daily basis, might be difficult especially when you are in a hurry, but when you can, it is worth your time, as it will change all the energy and feeling in the space.
We suggest patterned sheets as the designs will give a fashionable touch to your bedroom, while making sure that the designs are visible both on the pillowcases and on the top of the sheet. The shades should be close to those of the rest of the room and especially match those of the rug.
Choose a quilt, blankets and bed covers in different textures but in the same color palette and create a layering on your bed!
In conclusion, the decorative pillows, in addition to the sleeping pillows that are very important to be carefully selected, will upgrade the image of your bed. If your regular pillows have neutral shades then make sure the decorative ones are smaller and patterned.