7 simple tips and ideas for organizing your closets!

Winter has made its appearance and if you are not one of those who have already organize their closets, then continue reading!
First, pick out the clothes you no longer need, either summer or winter, and set them aside to donate!
Then see which of your wardrobe clothes are clean, fold them and place them in special storage bags along with all the products that will keep the moth away and give an air of freshness to your clothes until next summer.

Wardrobe accessories will definitely save you and help you put everything in order!
If you have clothes that you have worn again, do not store them,but quickly put them in the laundry basket to freshen them up and then store them.
Gloves, belts and all your other accessories can be placed perfectly in the specially designed CENTRO drawers for accessories, where you can have them all gathered any time of the year!
Keep your shirts, jackets and coats apart and choose a different hanger color for each one of them according to the clothing categories. This way, your entire wardrobe will be categorized.
To always keep your pants in perfect condition, after ironing them, you can place them on the special rods for hanging pants so that you do not waste time ironing every time you want to wear them!
When you are done with what needs to be hanged, divide the rest of your clothes into categories based on their color and type and place them separately in your drawers. So every time you want to choose, for example, a black t-shirt, know where you should look without putting all your wardrobe on the bed!
In conclusion, if you do not have a specially designed furniture, where can fit all your shoes, use their original boxes and place in them your summer shoes, while for your winter pairs, a shoe rack with a mechanism right / left is what you need to have them all together tidily.

If your closet is still screaming for a renewal, then all you have to do is visit a CENTRO store and design the closet you have always dreamed of!