How to have a positive energy in your bedroom!

How many times have you entered a room and felt uncomfortable and a negative energy surrounding the space? Imagine feeling this energy in your bedroom!
In order to achieve the best and highest quality rest, there needs to be good energy in the space. But there are a few things that can contribute to the positive energy of the bedroom and consequently to a good sleep.

First of all, the headboard and the frame of your bed play an important role. The element of wood is related to the symbol of nature that supports your body and your energy when you sleep. Avoid the metal frame, as according to Feng Shui, metals alter the earth’s natural magnetic field.

Also, if possible, limit the devices that affect the electromagnetic field (mobile, laptop, etc.). Thus, you will significantly reduce the radio frequencies of the atmosphere of the space.

Without a doubt the most common decorative element in a bedroom is the mirror. Mirrors in the bedroom according to Feng Shui are considered “therapeutic” and favor Yang energy, ie movement. In the bedroom, however, you want the Yin energy that symbolizes relaxation. So, prefer to place them in the hall and generally in a neutral space. If you still want to have it in the bedroom, place it in a place where you cannot see it when you fall asleep.

In addition, for a positive aura, choose accessories that you love and decorate your room with them. Decorative pillows, throws, etc. can contribute with their color, design and texture to the positive energy. In any case, follow your instinct and remove anything that creates negative emotions in you.

In conclusion, the most important of all is the clutter in the bedroom Generally the chaos in your home and in your bedroom is a sign of stagnant energy and causes confusion. Put things in order, and energy and luck will circulate in the space for your benefit!