4 tips to make your bedroom comfy, cozzy and relaxing!

Our bedroom is a very personal space, so it needs to be warm, relaxing, comfortable and expressive! So, keep in mind the following 4 important tips.
If your bedroom does not look and feel relaxing and every time you enter the space, you feel tension instead of calmness, then the color of your walls is probably to blame. The solution is to avoid strong shades on the walls, such as red, black, dark brown, etc.

Prefer relaxing colors such as shades of mint green, light blue and dusty pink. According to experts, one of the best colors for the walls of the bedroom is light green, as it has the best relaxing benefits. After all, every time we connect with nature, we relax and feel serene. Green is the pre-eminent color of nature and has many shades to definitely suit everyone’s taste. At the same time, choose natural wood for your furniture, as it will complete the natural feel.

In case the room is not so comfortable, what you need to ask yourself is if it’s the bed that isn’t comfortable. In order to feel comfortable and wake up relaxed, invest in a good mattress that will be made of good quality materials such as silk, wool, cotton, etc. In addition, use cotton or fur blankets as these textures, in addition to being very elegant, also create a feeling of comfort and intimacy.

Something you also need to take into consideration is the temperature in the room. When we rest and our pulse drops, our body temperature drops as well. If our bedroom is cold, then we will not be able to relax. Therefore, it is very important to check your windows to see if wind enters when they are closed. Then, in bed, opt for duvets with feathers and of course invest in an electric blanket that will allow you to determine the temperature of your bed.

In conclusion, avoid family frames and prefer abstract art or paintings that inspire you, colors that express you as well as decorations of your taste.