Decorate your nightstand! Tips and ideas!

The bedroom is a very personal space where we spend moments of relaxation and warmth! Every piece of furniture, every element in the space, has to offer a harmonious sense.
The nightstand is one of the furniture that may not be the first on the list when choosing the bedroom furniture, but in fact it’s an important one. It may be an additional storage point, but it also contributes to the aesthetics of the space.
If you are a fan of minimal decoration then keep its surface clean, free from unnecessary and useless decorations and keep only what you need, the absolutely necessary, before going to bed.
If you are a nature lover, then all you have to do is place indoor plants and flowers that, in addition to color, will be an integral part of the bedside table decoration, since all the energy of the room will change! But do not forget that certain plants and flowers are sometimes good to remove during sleep, due to carbon dioxide emissions.
Photos of our loved ones can also find a place on the nightstand, since the bedroom is a personal matter. Alternatively, you can create a beautiful composition of frames in different shapes on the wall above the nightstand, for more emphasis and leave the nightstand completely “naked”.
Another impressive composition for the nightstand is the books that can be found on and around it. Whether you read them or not, you can place them by creating different shapes or even using them as a base for your lamp. Their number does not matter much, as long as the end result is harmonious.
In conclusion, there are many constructions that you can make yourself giving your personal touch in the room. For example, you can make a DIY lamp for your nightstand. All you need is a fishbowl or glass bottle, a cable with a socket and a light switch that you will find in all electrical stores.
The cable can be fitted in two ways, either by piercing the bottle at a point on the lower side, from where it will be passed or externally, i.e. by fitting the socket to the mouth of the bottle and leaving the cable outside the bottle. Inside the fishbowl you can put whatever you want, from various corks, sand, pebbles, etc. creating a completely personalized element!