How to incorporate the dining table in the kitchen area!

Over the last few years, the dining room is a continuation of the kitchen, or is part of the design, mostly for practical reasons in case the room is small.
The countertop or the kitchen island, can be turned into a place to enjoy food on a daily basis, by placing bar stools.

However, if there is a need for a regular table, we can integrate it in the design of the kitchen.
It can act both as an extra food preparation space and dining table as well. All we need to do is add a surface lower than the surrounding units at such a height that chairs can fit.
As it can be seen in Cordial kitchen, the parallel units are bridged, with a surface, creating a practical dining area.
However, if you have a kitchen island, you can create an extension of the island by placing an extra surface.
The same can happen in the case of the countertop. An extension can be added at a lower height by forming a right angle with the floor, creating an elegant serving table.

Add chairs of your choice and create a completed dining area!