Kitchen Tips

όψη μαρμάρου στην κουζίνα από την Centro

Imitation marble in your kitchen. You should try it!

Marble has made a modern comeback in the world of interior design and it’s one of the hottest trends in kitchen decoration but also in every room at the moment.
It delivers luxury and upgrades your space while it can be combined perfectly with most materials and used to create either a classic look or a highly modern and industrial style.
On wide surfaces such as a kitchen island, a table, or narrower, it always impresses and creates a sense of elegance.
In the kitchen area where we prepare our food in a daily basis and we do a lot of washing and cooking, the surfaces are exposed to heat and wet. Therefore, as a prerequisite in selecting kitchen surfaces except the aesthetic part is the durability of the parts and functionality in everyday use.
At Centro, all surfaces and parts are durable, as during the edge banding process are used HPL glues resulting in water and heat resistance.
The imitation marble is a thermo structure melamine finish which looks and feels exactly like marble. Stunning and exquisite, is an excellent choice that offers the best of both worlds — the high class, modern style of marble with the many benefits of melamine while it’s definitely an economical choice.

We recommend that you use it on one surface such as the kitchen island and in combination with wood in a light oak color will give quality to the end result. For a more industrial style,create unfinished surfaces on the wall or floor, such as a cement or brick wall.
Combined with the marble look, your kitchen will have a special style that will surely catch the eye of your guests.

Visit a Centro store today, and with our experienced partners, create a space with impeccable design, excellent quality and tailored to your needs. Create the kitchen of your dreams and enjoy beautiful moments with your loved ones!

Callison Kitchen - Metal shelving

Open metal shelving for those who dare!

2018 brings new trends in the kitchen decoration.
The open metal shelving is the new must and we suggest you to try it.
It is actually much more functional than closed cabinets as it increases your storage space.
There are shelves that we don't reach them to store our utensils, so we don't use them.
Open shelvings helps you use even their last corner by making the most of them.
They give a sense of warmth and intimacy while offering a more modern look in your kitchen.
We dare and we suggest you do the same!

Organize your kitchen with Centro's kitchen accessories

An organized kitchen is a must. Our kitchens not only serve as our culinary arena, but they are also the place for creation!
Make your kitchen super stylish with Centro's high quality kitchen accessories and keep everything, from small objects to large items, in order and well-organized.
Visit your nearest Centro store and discover our wide range of accessories!


Kitchen stools

Sit and enjoy everyday in a kitchen exclusively designed to meet your needs.
At Centro we offer complete solutions in kitchen furniture, following the new trends in materials and colors.
In our renewed range of products you will find unique designs in stools, to suit all styles and can be perfectly integrated into your kitchen.
Our brand Centro is a guarantee for thousands of families.
Come to one of our stores and in collaboration with specialized decorators create your own kitchen!

Because ... "Whichever way the day flows, the kitchen is always the heart of your home."


Kitchen Dining area

Now days, the dining room and the living room coexist in the kitchen area and allows the whole space to feel connected and open.
Choose furniture which is functional & ergonomically designed that will blend in and follow the same stylistic philosophy of your kitchen.
At Centro, we offer innovative kitchen dining room visualizations which follow the new trends in materials and colors.
In our renewed product range will find unique designs in dining tables that can be incorporated into the kitchen of your choice.

Visit a Centro store and in collaboration with specialized designers create your own kitchen!

Loft style kitchen

Open spaces, rough materials, wood elements, metal accents and unfinished walls create a modern loft-style atmosphere. Enhance the concept by focusing on details.

Add lighting fixtures from black steel, copper or brass and opt for innovative metal handles. Distinctive metal handles, apply across the length at the top of the drawers and protrude slightly.
Centro handles that are factory-fitted and offer easy opening with maximum strength and stability, available in 4 colors (white, black, gray olive, titanium).

Centro kitchens stand for innovative solutions that offer a wide range of cabinets mechanisms and accessories, combining ergonomics and aesthetics.

Whichever the decorative style you want to adopt, visit your nearest store Centro and in cooperation with specialized designers create a unique kitchen composition which fully serves your needs.

Cork furniture!

Cork dynamically enters the furniture industry giving an ecological and modern dimension to your home.

The unique properties of cork, such as elasticity, lightness and resistance to extreme temperature changes, provide manufacturers with the ability to create extremely durable furniture.

At Centro, we offer complete kitchen solutions, which follow the new trends in materials, textures and colors.

In our new product range you will find stools with metal frame & cork seat, available in 4 colors (white, anthracite, rust, aluminum) that will upgrade your kitchen breakfast bar or island.

Visit your nearest store Centro and in collaboration with specialized designers create a unique kitchen composition.

Organize your kitchen

Cooking is a form of art, a means for expressing feelings.

Proper organization of cooking utensils and work top, help speed up food preparation and cooking time. At Centro, we constantly seek new solutions that facilitate your everyday life. Our new catalogue has great variety in upper bench accessories that will help keep your kitchen tidy.

Whatever your needs for storage and organization in the kitchen area, visit your nearest store Centro and in cooperation with specialized designers create a unique kitchen composition which fully serves your needs.


Choosing the perfect hood for your kitchen

Retain the style and décor of your kitchen by selecting the right hood.

Today there are many variations of range hoods, so to choose he perfect one for your kitchen. Modern kitchens may opt for intergraded or even an ultra modern downdraft extractor hood which hides away below the work surface when not in use. While traditional kitchen design opt for ceiling and chimney hoods.

Extra tip
Take time and look through options that fit your kitchen and also consider hood performance. High-powered hood fans reduce vent noise and less energy consumption.

At Centro we offer complete kitchen solutions, designed exclusively for your needs.
Our partnership with leading suppliers combined with our privately owned modern production facilities guarantee constant quality for each Centro product.


Ceramic Kitchens

Ceramic finishing for the manufacture of kitchen door, unrivaled in its quality & durability.

These are solid, non-porous surfaces that are placed in aluminum frame and has the potential to carry handles or protruding gola type aluminum handles.
The main characteristics are high their resistance to carve, invariance of dimensions, in extreme temperature changes and increased their resistance to moisture.
Available in many shades, matte or glossy finishes and smooth or embossed textures.
For high quality products, select a well known & respected company that can provide guarantees for the quality of their products.
Centro kitchens are accompanied by a five-year quality guarantee, forming a highly competitive product that captures both domestic and international markets.
Centro products are produced in Greece from NIKOLIDAKIS GROUP SA and exported to over 10 countries and are the first in choice for thousands of families around the world.

Visit your nearest store Centro, for information on materials and construction methods and select the color scheme of your choice from a rich, modern color palette with the latest trends to create your own kitchen, with guaranteed quality.<