Country style kitchen: how to achieve it!

Wherever you live, either in the city or in the countryside, you can design a country style kitchen!
For many years, country style has been on the top of interior designers’ list, as it offers warmth, while at the same time matches all seasons.
Key point in this decoration is the existence of wood but in lighter tones!
A traditional style, consisting of classic tones of wood and classic design, is the basis for this kitchen style.
Also a country kitchen is characterized by the amount of space is taking over, so it’s perfect for large spaces.
Elegant, chic, airy and bright, the country style kitchen must have these characteristics but above all has to be welcoming.
Country kitchens aren’t supposed to be pristine and completely clutter free — in fact, homeowners who prefer this style of kitchen will often display everything from their tea towels to their crockery. This, again, helps to give spaces a lived-in feel, and can make a kitchen seem much homelier.
Thinking about your choice of cookware and tableware, which, depending on the style and colour, can help to create a cohesive scheme in your kitchen, especially when it’s left on display.
There are a number of ways in which you can display things in your kitchen. Consider adding glass doors to your cupboards, or a vintage showcase, so your beautiful collection of plates, bowls, and mugs will be on display. You may also want to put up hooks where you can hang your oven gloves, tea towels and apron.
If you don’t want your country kitchen to have too much of a modern look, adding some antique details will give it a more traditional and lived-in feel.
With emphasis on lighting, whether it is natural light or an elaborate chandelier hanging from above, you will perfectly combine the nostalgia, but also the needs of a modern house.
Finally, use bouquets of freshly cut flowers, which will give a touch of freshness, aroma and color to the space!