Light and airy!
Mint is a “fresh”, contemporary and attractive U shaped kitchen with a cheerful look.


Functionality is unquestionably one of Mint’s features. The table extension, creates an extra dining area which allows you to enjoy your meal every moment . The table “comes out” of the kitchen, in the same color of wood, which can be found on the shelves and on the back panel, creating a harmonious feeling.
Complete the spot with chairs of your choice, choosing from our wide variety.

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Tall units

The composition of tall units accommodates the oven while it has extra storage space allowing to organize cooking utensils.

Open Unit

The tall vertical open unit is a smart, decorative element on the open side of the kitchen, as it connects the kitchen with the living room while also delimiting the kitchen space. The shelves are placed in a way that can accommodate objects of different dimensions, enhancing the aesthetic effect and providing extra storage space.

Aesthetically pleasing color combinations

From an aesthetic point of view, the natural elegance of the materials of the cabinets, the counter as well as the wooden elements, creates the perfect palette for an overall minimalistic image offering color harmony.

U shaped design

Mint offers plenty of space. Due to its U shaped design, it has many storage areas while there are many workbenches available and as long as the kitchen is not too cramped, it can easily accommodate many people. This facilitates the preparation of the family in the morning as well as the preparation of meals in general!

U shaped kitchen design: everything you need to know!

Kitchen design is perhaps one of the key issues that need to be decided when designing a kitchen.
The kitchen is the heart of the home where we spend most of our time there during the day, so it needs to be a functional, practical and comfortable space.
U-shaped kitchen design is a common type of kitchen basically designed for cooking. The “U” layout usually limits the space as it leaves no room for table and chairs. At CENTRO you have the ability to customize this point by incorporating a table extencion to the U shaped design.


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Available in many colors

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Available in many colors