Walnut Cake

Classic walnut charm!
This is a classic kitchen in the timeless walnut color with ornate surfaces and drawers.

centro kitchen κουζίνα frame κλασσική Walnut Cake

Classic style

Frames, railings, pillars and showcases, compose a classic kitchen in its lightest version, as the accessories determine the style.
The wooden dish racks and the special construction of the hood with the strong curves, emphasize even more its vintage aesthetics.

Kitchen island

The island dominates in the center of the kitchen in the same shades of wood, while it has a marble surface that makes it even more majestic.
In addition to its storage use, it can also be used as a place to enjoy lunch or breakfast!

Kitchen island: everything you need to know!

Kitchen island is the first thing we choose when there is enough space in the kitchen!
And how not to choose it, since it is so impressive, practical and is undoubtedly an element of decoration, upgrading the aesthetics of the space.
From a practical point of view, there is plenty of storage space on the island, so you can keep your cooking utensils tidy, clean and organized.
In addition to the organization, it can significantly increase the functionality, as it has the ability to accommodate extra facilities.


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Available colors