Beige and gold luxury!
This is a classic kitchen in ivory color with intense decorative details that give a sense of grandeur of another era.

centro kitchen κουζίνα frame κλασσική custard


Custard kitchen has a variety of special accessories, which shape its classic style, showcases with lighting, ornately decorated, shelves, dish racks, etc. At the same time, the vertical impressive elements in the finishes of the cabinets, with golden details, enhance the prestige of the kitchen.
The same golden details can be found on all kitchen surfaces and drawers.

Kitchen hood

The hood that dominates in the same color palette, draws the eye, while delimiting the cooking area.

Country style kitchen: how to achieve it!

Wherever you live, either in the city or in the countryside, you can design a country style kitchen!
For many years, country style has been on the top of interior designers’ list, as it offers warmth, while at the same time matches all seasons.
Key point in this decoration is the existence of wood but in lighter tones!
A traditional style, consisting of classic tones of wood and classic design, is the basis for this kitchen style.


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