Simple lines & minimal design!
Simple lines and minimal design coexist harmoniously with traditional elements, creating a bright, clean result.

Mix & Match

The modern, minimal design of the composition turns into a sophisticated mix & match with floral and retro tiles that tantalize this stylish approach.


Doors and open shelves in wooden textures are combined with smooth, super matt doors, with identical technical features, in light grey and white shades.

Bench top

A bench top in wooden texture, achieves the connection between cabinets, by creating a fast serving area,

Gola handle

The Gola handle system, with white profiles together with hinges with soft close, offer easy opening without interfering with the aesthetics of the kitchen.


The overall layout of unit, defines the kitchen area, without affecting the accessibility of the open area.

Break the monotony in your kitchen with a touch of color!

One of the most playful decorative trends proposed by CENTRO, are the ethnic tiles on the wall of your kitchen that will give an air of freshness and more!
Choose floral tiles in bright colors, turning everyone’s eyes to the point you will choose to place them, creating a more ethnic look!
Caramel kitchen with its modern- minimal style, turned into a refined mix & match with floral retro tiles, will definitely take the composition to the next level.


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Available in many colors

Choose from a wide range of materials, colors and textures, contact one of our stores and in collaboration with our experienced decorators, create the kitchen that fits perfectly your style and needs.

Available in many colors