Modern kitchen Moka

Clean and effortless look!
Moka is an agile and modern kitchen, with a simple design and countless creative possibilities.


Impeccable care for details, which makes up the genuine personality of this kitchen, in the profiles of the handles incorporated into the door. The handle can be painted in various colors and give an extra decorative touch to the kitchen, as well as an elegant, timeless look. Although finger pulls are handles of sorts, they give a streamlined look. Achieve a handleless kitchen design without compromising on practicality.

Integration of dining area

In this design proposal, the kitchen island is combined with the dining table. With the complete integration of the dining area, kitchen becomes a complete, functional, elegant and at the same time exclusive kitchen system.

Axis system

The multi-application metal system Axis, is the epitome of minimal design, giving an upgraded image without lacking practicality. In Moka, it is presented as a metal bookcase with lighting on the back serving a storage as well as an aesthetic purpose.


Moka is the ultimate expression of minimalist style. The 3 main materials of this proposal are stone (ceramic), metal and wood, which complement each other and give a natural effect. The combination of the wood in a lighter shade and metal elements (in axis system, metal shelves etc), give an upgraded aesthetic to the kitchen, while the surface of the kitchen island and the extension of the table in stone, give an earthy look.

Open plan kitchen

Moka is an open plan kitchen, blending harmoniously all rooms, but also a place where a whole series of concrete actions – storing, preparing, cooking – are turned into rituals and emotions. It is a perfectly organized space that offers countless options for storage, food preparation and cooking. At the same time, the low metal bookcase in the foreground separates the kitchen from the living room, giving the ability to interact with your guests and socializing.

5 tips for an open plan kitchen!

The most important element of open-plan kitchen designs is space: space for entertaining, space for cooking, and space for the entire family to gather, chat, and just be. The cook can engage in the festivities when entertaining, which is just one advantage of merging the kitchen with a dining room and a sitting area to make one big (or small), multi-purpose space. Families can spend time together every day in an open plan kitchen and multitask if necessary as parents make dinner and the kids play or finish their schoolwork.


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Available in many colors

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Available in many colors