Rustic living room ideas!

Rustic decoration evokes memories from when we were young, reminds us of the the mountains and the countryside! Besides, its characteristic is that it is inspired by the wild beauty of nature.
The textures and colors that prevail in this style of decoration, offer harmony giving a unique warmth that no other style can render in such a way.

Keeping in mind the meaning of rustic decoration, we imagine traditional, quite heavy furniture, in dark shades and raw materials. But you can have the rustic feel as a basis but with a modern approach. This way you will be able to create a wonderful space, with central elements inspired by the natural environment.

Therefore, if you are interested in such a direction, you can invest in the walls and floor.
A stone wall with a raw texture and wooden floors will define the space, allowing you to “play” with the furniture.

If you choose colors that can be found in nature, such as shades of green and apply them in wall compositions with simple lines, you will be able to lighten the space without losing its vitality. It is recommended the intense colors to be applied in the basic composition (wall composition) and decorate the space around it in such a way, that it embraces it.

Combining armchairs, sofas and carpets in shades of gray, you will be able to highlight even more the colors of the wall composition.
To counteract the heavy atmosphere that natural materials (stone, wood) may create, opt for poufs, simple curtains in colors such as white, beige, sand or anything else related to nature, allowing natural light to enter and diffuse into space.

Furthermore, avoid bold prints and processed fabrics on furniture and curtains.

In conclusion, if you have the ability to install a fireplace in the same style, then your living room will be transformed and will give you the warmth and coziness you need. If this is not possible, then candles and low lights are ideal for a welcoming atmosphere.