How to create a living room in pastel colors!

Pastel colors are a great choice in interior decoration, not only in the bedroom but also in the living room, as they offer a sense of calmness and relaxation.

Thus, even in a minimal environment, using those shades, the space does not look “cold” or “empty”, while there are many ways to combine them.

By saying pastel colors, we mean the very soft ones, the ones that leave just a touch of color. For example, dusty pink, light pink and blue, mint green, etc.

In addition to painting the walls, pastels can be used in compositions, furniture, carpets and decorative pillows.
If used extensively, the result might be boring, so it is very important to combine them with other furniture and decorations made of different materials, such as wood or metal to give intensity and character to the space.

A beautiful wall composition for example, with mint green-colored cabinets, combined with shelves in natural wood, is a suitable approach without seeming boring. If you add metallic decorations in different patterns and shapes, the result will be harmonious!

At the same time, the color of the sofa, which is an important piece of furniture in the living room, try to use cool shades, such as gray, which is a versatile color. Therefore, using a sofa or armchair in gray color, will give the perfect balance to a living room with pastel tones.

The good thing about these colors is that they come together very nicely. Combining two or more of these colors on a rug for example, will create the feeling of calm you want.

In conclusion, if you want your furniture to be in dark tones such as dark brown or even black, then your decorations, such as pillows, sofa throw covers, candles and carpets, need to be in pastel shades creating a space that will not tire the eye.