When vintage meets minimal!

The kitchen is the heart of our home! This phrase encompasses all the warmth and importance of this room. It is a place where we live, create, feel, share!

Therefore, every house hides a story, especially if it is an old house!

But how can vintage style coexist with minimal Scandinavian design?
If you are one of those who like simple lines, then surely the style of decoration that suits you, is the minimal style.
If you have a vintage house, instead of limiting yourself and moving on safe paths, we suggest to make a twist and add minimal furniture.

Your kitchen may have simple furniture, like Charlotte kitchen, but it should be just as impressive!
By using neutral colors, you can create the feeling of a space that is not loaded. Beige and gray are the ideal colors for the simplicity you ask for!
Try to use the same colors in the cabinets, either base or high, for harmonious result.

If the walls are in good condition, just freshen up their appearance, while maintaining the old look.
Usually in old houses the floor is wooden and has this diagonal design. In any case, keep it, as it gives emphasis to the central axis of the space, while the plaster arches and frames that already exist on the walls and ceilings in these houses will bring together perfectly!

Last but not least, use marble on the countertop, as the luxury of marble in combination with the minimal kitchen furniture, will create a warm layout.