U shaped kitchen design: everything you need to know!

Kitchen design is perhaps one of the key issues that need to be decided when designing a kitchen.
The kitchen is the heart of the home where we spend most of our time there during the day, so it needs to be a functional, practical and comfortable space.
U-shaped kitchen design is a common type of kitchen basically designed for cooking. The “U” layout usually limits the space as it leaves no room for table and chairs. At CENTRO you have the ability to customize this point by incorporating a table extencion to the U shaped design.
A U-shaped kitchen is developed with three walls with units and counters, where the 2 parallel ones being almost equal and larger than the third. Such a kitchen has its own advantages and disadvantages like any other, you need to know, in order to decide if it suits your space or not.
One of its advantages is that U-shaped kitchens have plenty of space. This means that there are many workbenches available and as long as the kitchen is not too cramped, it can easily accommodate many people. This facilitates the preparation of the family in the morning as well as the preparation of meals in general.
They also have plenty of storage space. With three walls, there is space for cabinets and drawers, which also means plenty of storage space available.
The good thing about this design is that its disadvantages if handled properly during the design, are negligible!
What can these be?
U-shaped kitchens that tend to be longer and narrower can restrict movement. With this in mind though, you can ensure that the U shape is wider and more open to avoid lack of space even when there are many people in the kitchen.
Also, because U-shaped kitchen has only one entrance or exit, it can block the movement of people if several people try to enter or leave the kitchen at the same time.
Finally, there may be a problem with the position of the dishwasher in relation to the position of the sink. With the right study though, this is an issue that can be easily resolved!