How to create zones in an open-plan space!

We can surely say that a studio which combines the kitchen, the wardrobe and the living room, offers flexibility and practicality while at the same time makes the house appear bigger and brighter. It is a trend that has become synonymous with the modern life, and the result is extremely impressive!
A multi-space apartment, has become synonymous to modern life, as it offers practicality, relaxation and flexibility! The positive element of a multipurpose space is that you can make the most of every inch, but it is necessary to create “zones”.
First, paint walls with one color to avoid confusion. Preferably a light neutral color to make the space look brighter.
Once you decide the areas that will be incorporated in the single space, use different furniture to mark these areas. For example, in the kitchen, you can use furniture that is designed in such a way that they do not resemble exclusively kitchen furniture, such as high cabinets – showcases, which provide functional and aesthetic value. The kitchen island or countertop can be a natural border that separates the kitchen from the rest of the room.
The countertop can be used to prepare your meal and by placing bar stools, it can be transformed to the space where you eat, work, and even relax drinking a glass of wine.
Between the kitchen and the living room, you can place a closet, a bookcase and even an armchair with a small table, which will connect the two areas.
For the living room area, use a beautiful carpet, which will delimit the area. But at the same time will give a harmonious and complete look.
In any case, whatever you do, use love, your own taste and design the space you like!