Everything you need to know to design the perfect kitchen!

If you are in the process of designing your kitchen then keep reading! We have gathered everything you need to know on how to design your dream kitchen!

The options are countless in materials and colors!
First, you need to think about the available space you have.

This will determine the shape of your kitchen, whether it will be linear or L shaped, with or without kitchen island!

Once you decide on the materials and the colors, a layout will allow a professional designer to design a photorealistic depiction of how your kitchen can be placed in the room.
An expert will help you create a harmonious space that matches the style you like. Modern, classic, minimal, vintage, even the combination of different styles.

However, the most important thing is functionality!
It should be designed in order to serve your daily routine and have accessories and mechanisms that will make your life easier!
Also, ergonomics is a very important feature in designing a kitchen, without losing its elegance.

Worktops and storage spaces play also an important role. The new trends require large worktops combined with large drawers and cabinets with increased capacity to store your kitchen utensils, pots, pans and your cutlery.

CENTRO recommends an innovative proposal in the kitchen design, as its new innovative cabinets and drawers are based on the capacity and the increase of the available space combined with fine and 8mm thin doors of high durability, almost indestructible, that will give a unique style to your space!

Just visit a CENTRO store, where you can consult the experts, who will surely help you make the right choice and design together the kitchen of your dreams!