CENTRO as a sponsor in the 1st Webinar of MedExpo!

The 1st Webinar of MedExpo: “Innovative technologies of antimicrobial materials and desktops”, which was sponsored by CENTRO, was held with great success!
Not only the antimicrobial materials, but also the technology that surrounds them are now in the forefront, in order to enjoy areas without germs and viruses, while also enhancing the aesthetics. The webinar highlighted all aspects of antimicrobial protection and their need in the post-Covid-19 era.

CENTRO with consistency , responsibility and respect for people, has managed over time to establish itself as the largest kitchen furniture factory in Greece, by investing both in quality and in state-of-the-art machinery.
All these years, CENTRO listens to the needs of the market in areas such as aesthetics and functionality.
In the new reality, in which the safety of hygiene is a prerequisite, we go even further by investing in research for the use of new materials with antimicrobial properties, so that we can make the most of these materials in the furniture we use in our daily lives or in the furniture we undertake to build for large projects, certifying their safe use.

The only sure thing is that CENTRO supports such actions that are a springboard for innovation and development!

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