Aesthetics and functionality!
Nature living room offers relaxation, aesthetics and functionality.

Wall composition

The wall unit is equipped with two drawers below the TV, 45cm and 60cm in depth/length respectively. Those two drawers, along with the tilting mechanisms extend the functionality level of the furniture.

Combination of lenghs and heights

Give your personal touch to you living room, by combining different lengths and heights. The different elements blend with each other, creating horizontal blocks tailored to your needs.

4+1 tips to make the most of the entrance hallway in your home!

The entrance hallway welcomes us every time we enter our house.
It needs to make us feel comfortable, as it reflects the overall aesthetics of the rest of the interior.
In most houses, this space remains unused, looking neglected or even empty.
How about to turn your entrance hallway into a functional and aesthetically upgraded space, which you will be happy to see every time you return home.
We all need more space to store our coats, bags and even various small items which usually end up scattered in the drawers at home.


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Available in many colors

Choose from a wide range of materials, colors and textures, contact one of our stores and in collaboration with our experienced decorators, create the living room that fits perfectly your style and needs.

Available in many colors