4+1 tips to make the most of the entrance hallway in your home!

The entrance hallway welcomes us every time we enter our house.

It needs to make us feel comfortable, as it reflects the overall aesthetics of the rest of the interior.
In most houses, this space remains unused, looking neglected or even empty.
How about to turn your entrance hallway into a functional and aesthetically upgraded space, which you will be happy to see every time you return home.

We all need more space to store our coats, bags and even various small items which usually end up scattered in the drawers at home.

Place a wardrobe, either opening or sliding, or an open wardrobe that looks modern and intimate, and organize coats, bags and items that you use in your daily life or the personal belongings of your guests.

The interior of the wardrobe can be configured according to your needs by placing convenient and functional accessories that will solve your storage needs!

CENTRO wardrobes are distinguished for their high aesthetic and flexibility, as they can be adapted to the dimensions you need.

Moreover, you can use shelves and place various decorations such as candles, photos, vases with flowers etc. that will transform your entrance hallway into a warmer, more intimate and fresh space.

If the open units and the shelves are not your style, then a buffet furniture with a mirror above, is a safe choice that will offer elegance and a classy style, while at the same time you will have one more place to store things.

An additional practical solution is to create a custom-made shoe rack with shelves to place all the shoes you use every day, without leaving them exposed at the entrance of your home. This way the space will always be tidy and your shoes will be available just when you need them!

If the space you have is large enough, then tables, large bookshelves, compositions with shelves and even armchairs can decorate your entrance hallway and turn it into a welcoming environment!

At CENTRO you have the opportunity to create furniture tailored to your preferences and to design every space in your home exactly as you imagine it.