Vital mood and lively ideas!
Choosing a wardrobe, can be a difficult process, as it is very important in room decoration and in organizing the space.
Vital is a simple, minimal wardrobe.


The opening doors as well as the one-colour surfaces in a large variety of colours and textures, gloss, high gloss, matt or super matt, will bring out a vital mood and lively ideas.

Meet your needs

It is essential, depending on the available space of the room to choose the wardrobe that meet your needs. For this reason, Vital is a great fit for every room as it has numerous options on textures, colors, accessories and mechanisms.

Organize your closet with wardrobe accessories!

We all have small items, jewelery, accessories that we always look for and usually end up finding them in the most unlikely places.
Whether it’s jewelery or simple items, all deserve a place in your wardrobe!


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Available in many colors

Choose from a wide range of materials, colors and textures, contact one of our stores and in collaboration with our experienced decorators, create the wardrobe that fits perfectly your style and needs.

Available in many colors