Decorative tips for the living room!

If your living room does not inspire you, it looks boring and without character, here are some tips to make your space look alive!
Personal touches are what give character to the space, as long as you have in your mind the elegance and comfort!

First choose what color of the room. Find the color that suits you and inspires you and combine it with different tones and shades from the same color palette.
Prefer secondary colors for fabrics, furniture and objects. It will make the room warmer!

Use pillows, sofa throw covers, lamps, tables, upholstery and fabrics. This way, you will be able to change and renew them whenever you wish. The space will look different without having to make big changes!
It is good not to have many colors, maximum 4, one of which has to be neutral.

Use different patterns but choose just one to avoid confusion. For example, a wallpaper on the wall.

Of course, you should not forget to decorate the walls. Paintings, photographs and mirrors, will give an interesting touch, style and personality.

Furthermore, choose indoor plants as a decorative element! They bring air of freshness, allow you to connect with nature and will give color and charm to the space. By placing them in stylish pots and baskets or in beautiful containers, you will integrate them in the space and they will look part of the decoration.

Choose plants by combining different leaves, sizes and heights, by placing the tallest always in the back. If you want an interesting-modern approach, choose three identical plants of the same size and place them the one next to the other.

And do not forget that our living room is our personal space, where we relax and calm down after an intense day, so choose every element based on your personal style!