Coffee table: how to decorate it!

Coffee tables may be small and often we use them just to place our cup of coffee or cell phone, but they are also a beautiful decorative element in the room!
If it never crossed your mind to decorate it, or how to do it, then here are some beautiful ideas!

Use your imagination and your coffee table as a canvas to create the most special and beautiful decorations.

By placing a large tray where you can arrange whatever you want, for example, a stack of books, magazines, photo albums, bowls and coasters, is a great and very practical idea to decorate your coffee table!
Use geometry and patterns. The geometry in the room brings balance and calmness! Therefore, you can use similar shapes of bowls and jars but in different patterns to create an interesting and modern look!
You can make your own personal minibar by using just a tray! Of course, you don’t need to place only drinks and beverages. You can put a beautiful tableware that you will have available whenever you or your guests want to enjoy your coffee or tea.
Also, a beautiful glass bottle with the drink of your choice and glasses either for wine or lower, will give a tone of hospitality and elegance.

Use more than one coffee tables instead! You can find small coffee tables and make a beautiful composition in different designs and levels.
If you are a fan of minimal decoration, find an impressive item that you like and keep only this one to decorate the center of the table. From a large vase, a composition with candles or a bowl with stones, sand or even xmas lights, will make the atmosphere warmer and special.