How to incorporate aisthetics and funcionality in your kitchen!

Kitchen, is not only the food preparation station, but also the place where we spend most of our time. Therefore, it is important to be aesthetically pleasing without losing its functionality and practicality!
Countertop accessories, such as shelves placed along the kitchen, change its style and allow us to arrange various practical or decorative items.

Spices, herbs and other ingredients used on a daily basis during the food preparation, can be placed in public view without being hidden in a drawer or cupboard, allowing easy access to all of them.

You can see everything at a glance and quickly get what you need!

In addition, this arrangement offers extra storage space, as all these jars usually take up drawer space and many times, we even end up forgetting that we have most of them.

Place in open shelves pots with plants, jars with spices, spaghetti, rice, coffee, sugar, mugs, and anything else you want, to add color to your kitchen!

Use the similar jars to achieve uniformity, or different for a playful touch!

Furthermore, use labels on the jars to know at any time what each one contains!

This is a fun and enjoyable process that you can all do together at home and the family will surely love!