Classic or modern? Simple ideal!
Ekmek combines the classic notes with the modern look.

Kitchen island

The design is simple with an emphasis on practicality, incorporating a kitchen island that is rich in storage space extending its function to the dining room!

Gola handle

Of special interest is the black gola “handle” detail, but also the depth of the cabinets.

Surfaces and textures

The presence of classical and modern elements, as well as the contrast of the surfaces in colors and textures, create an environment with character and identity, confirming the constant growing trend in recent years, that wants the kitchen to be more than just a dining space.

Natural shades

Wood is an element that brings out a certain feel of naturalness and warmth, while highlighting the aesthetic value of the kitchen!
Ekmek combines the classic note of natural oak with the modern look of glossy lacquer, creating a unique and refined effect.

Simple and elegant

Ekmek is the epitome of elegance, with its fine lines, simplicity and warm tones, giving the space a sense of style and dynamism.

How to design an ergonomic kitchen!

Usually during the kitchen designing process, we tend to focus on making it beautiful and design it according to our preferred style, but if it isn’t functional, it will not be able to fulfill our needs.
Aesthetics, functionality, comfort and safety, have to coexist harmoniously in the kitchen, to offer the optimal environment for our routine.
Therefore, an ergonomic kitchen, should include the food preparation area, the cooking area and the cleaning area.
The food preparation area should be close to the refrigerator, but also close to the cabinets or pantry, where we store all the ingredients, for easy access when cooking.


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Available in many colors