Lorca sofa will definitely be an integral part of your life as it offers you two basic things you need after a long day …. comfort and relaxation! The sofa, however, is not just a seat because it offers relaxation for you, your family and friends and is a big part of your everyday life. By choosing the Lorca couch, you will enjoy every moment with your loved ones to the fullest. A combination of solid beech frame with feather filled and latex back cushioning make the Lorca couch the perfect choice for your living room.

Available dimensions: 3seater 240x102cm, 3seater 220x102cm, 2seater 200x102cm, 2seater 180x102cm, left armrest 170x102cm, left armrest 190x102cm, left armrest 210x102cm, right armrest 170x102cm, right armrest 190x102cm, right armrest 210x102cm, right chaise 102x190cm, right chaise 102x210cm, right chaise 102x230cm, left chaise 102x190cm, left chaise 102x210cm, left chaise 102x230cm.

Removable and washable covers.

Wide range of colors and fabrics.



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