A couch is a piece of furniture which offers relaxation and communication, so it is important to be fully adapted to our needs. That’s exactly what Clayton couch offers. It’s solid beech frame with feather filled and latex back cushioning,  will give you the comfort you need while its back mechanism fully adapts to your needs whether you want to enjoy your favorite movie and relax or simply share moments with your loved ones. Simplicity and functionality are the main features of  Clayton sofa.

Available dimensions: 3seater 250x107cm, 3seater 230x107cm, 2seater 210x107cm, 2seater 190x107cm, left armrest 170x107cm, left armrest 190x107cm, left armrest 210x107cm, right armrest 170x107cm, right armrest 190x107cm, right armrest 210x107cm, right chaise 107x190cm, right chaise 107x210cm, right chaise 107x230cm, left chaise 107x190cm, left chaise 107x210cm, left chaise 107x230cm.

Removable and washable cushion covers.

Wide range of colors and fabrics.



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