Modern kitchen Mosaiko

Bold injection of glamour!
Mosaiko is a modern kitchen
with ergonomic design.

centro kitchen μοντέρνα κουζίνα mosaiko


Light and practical, the doors of the base units open easily thanks to an integrated grip handle at the top.
It is installed horizontally, but there is the possibility of vertical installation in high cabinets.
Combined with the color of the doors, it creates a more intense or softer look.

Metallic Finishes

Metallic lacquers are the latest trend in the high-end kitchen design and are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to actual metal fascias. They are beautifully tactile and luxurious.
The surfaces with the impressive beige metallic lacquer can be integrated into the entire kitchen creating a strong effect or used in combination with other materials such as wood which is presented in the case of Mosaiko. The distinctive handle is integrated into the door, creating a sophisticated design.

centro kitchen κουζίνα mosaiko λαβή

Kitchen island

The kitchen island “comes out” from the main kitchen, creating the cooking area, while it offers additional storage space by placing cabinets on its outer side.

Metal shelves

The look is complemented with shelves with back panel in the color of wood, enhance the look and make it easier to access spices and herbs during food preparation while they also function as a decorative element.

Designing interest

High cabinets in metallic lacquer house the oven and the refrigerator. In the space in between, a metal shelf can also be placed for extra storage and decorative space.

Ergonomics & Aesthetics

The integration of ergonomic and aesthetic elements in kitchen design is a delicate balance that requires careful planning and consideration. Mosaiko focuses on optimizing the kitchen layout and features to enhance usability and reduce physical strain by the placement of appliances, storage solutions, and work surfaces. The careful selection of colors, materials, and finishes of Mosaiko, contribute to creating a welcoming and harmonious environment, turning the kitchen into a space that not only looks visually appealing but also functions efficiently and promotes well-being.

Tips for Incorporating Metallic Lacquered Kitchen Doors!

Metallic lacquered kitchen doors can add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any kitchen design. With their reflective surface, these doors can bring a sense of lightness and airiness to a space, making it feel more open and expansive.


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Available in many colors

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Available in many colors