Lemon Pie

Classic meets contemporary!
Lemon Pie is a bright kitchen with classic-contemporary style in pastel shades.

Discrete handle

The special feature of Lemon pie kitchen is the discrete handle design.
Highly elegant and subtle, “scalloped” handles at the top section of the door.
A discrete handle carved under the horizontal door frame to achieve a handless design.
The length of the carved handle varies according to the door width and whilst remains hidden, creates a sleek, streamlined deign, enhancing the modern look of the kitchen!

centro kitchen κουζίνα κλασική lemon pie κρυφή λαβή
centro kitchen κλασσική κουζίνα lemon pie νησίδα

Harmonious environment

Kitchen island in neutral color helps to connect all elements and create a harmonious environment. In Lemon Pie, white dominates, with pastel details, while the light oak natural shades on the worktops illuminate and give a pleasant and warm feeling.

centro kitchen κλασσική κουζίνα lemon pie νησίδα
centro kitchen κουζίνα, lemon pie, frame, κλασική κουζίνα σε παστέλ αποχρώσεις ανοιχτό πράσινο και μπέζ, πόρτες με ταμπλά και κρυφή λαβή, ψηλά ερμάρια με εντοιχισμένο φούρνο, καναπές και ράφι με κρεμάστρα, ερμάρια σε ανοιχτές δρύινες φυσικές αποχρώσεις, γωνιακή κουζίνα με νησίδα, τοίχος με επένδυση ξύλου ανοιχτό πράσινο

Classic and modern design

Paneled wall cladding in a different tone from the rest of the kitchen, adds an aesthetical characteristic to the space and offers a classic, timeless touch and available in various colors. At the same time, the semi solid shaker doors lend a modern appearance whilst with lacquer finish, the wood pores & grains are perfectly highlighted.
Handless cabinet doors. Contemporary twist to a very traditional shaker door style.

Space utilization

Lemon Pie presents an office solution, a small work area can be created behind the kitchen! In this design proposal, a modern and practical shelving unit is composed from the flexible Axis system.
Depending on your space and needs, you can combine elements from the axis system, using
glass or wooden shelves in various colors and variety of materials, drawers, cabinets to create your shelving unit!
The choice of the office surface, as well as the dimension and the color, is entirely yours, so you can customize the space according to the style you want!
Select a chair for your office from our wide range and complete the composition!

Materials and colors

The design of Lemon Pie is wood based. The door frame is solid wood and the center panel is veneer.
Depending on the design and style, it can give a timeless or modern aesthetic effect!
Available in 5 colors, which can be combined with each other.

centro kitchen κλασσική κουζίνα lemon pie συνολοκή φωτογραφία

Classic – contemporary kitchen

There is a beautiful contrast present in kitchen Lemon Pie, where old meets new. Where most recent kitchens favor clean lines and a minimalist approach, Classic kitchens are all about the finer features. Lemon Pie favors natural materials, paneled cabinet fronts, a soft palette with off-white, cream, and pastel colors. The most noticeable feature is the ‘frame door’ that mixes the traditional kitchen door design and a dash of minimal furniture with contemporary refinement. A kitchen with a minimal design such as this, can seamlessly blend in with any living area. It’s perfect for hosting gatherings with your family and friends, as people can easily walk in and out in between spaces without feeling cramped, while the kitchen island works as a practical and ergonomic preparation meal station where you can also enjoy it.

Timeless kitchen design that meets the modern trends of today!

Timelessness! This is the word that could describe the vintage look, while elegance is its main feature. Therefore, if you are a fan of the vintage look, here are some very interesting tips for you to create the kitchen of your dreams!
Depending on whether you want to add a few vintage details or create a totally vintage kitchen, you will need to use individual vintage elements or decorate it entirely with this style of furniture and objects. For an intense vintage style, choose the classic antique white or pale shades, as they are timeless and neutral colors, while allowing you to play with various objects in other colors.


Available in five colors

Choose between five colors, contact one of our stores and in collaboration with our experienced decorators, create the kitchen that fits perfectly your style and needs.

Available in five colors