Linear patterns with strong color contrasts!
The dynamic design and the multiple choices in horizontal surfaces are the main features of our wardrobe series Equal.

Colours and textures

Let your imagination run wild, creating unique linear patterns with strong colour contrasts and different textures, combining different material categories.


Our proposed lino interior with a light textured surface, ideally organizes all you favorites objects. The distinctive aluminum profiles are available in many colors surrounding the panels. At the same time ensure support and enable the door opening acting as handles.

Unique design

Customize patterns, repetitive, or in alternation, in two or more doors for a complete design.

4 indoor plants that will help you relax and change the energy in your bedroom!

The bedroom is the space that allows us to relax and the indoor plants can contribute a lot to this relaxation.
A natural way to have a better and more quality sleep is to add indoor plants in your space.
Aloe vera is a great plant that can be used for many things, such as strengthening your immune system, skin, hair, etc. But it also cleans the air in the room and helps you have a more restful sleep.


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Available in many colors

Choose from a wide range of materials, colors and textures, contact one of our stores and in collaboration with our experienced decorators, create the wardrobe that fits perfectly your style and needs.

Available in many colors