Light and natural oak shades!
Calisson is not just a room. It is a place full of life, an inspiration of everyday creation.

Gola handle and storage

Semi-massive oak doors feature a gola concealment system, while the kitchen island provides solutions with storage areas and extra work area.

Natural shades

Light and natural oak shades give a pleasant breeze and brighten your kitchen.

Metal shelving unit

A kitchen is not just a functional space … it is the heart of your home! So benefit from the oak shelves of the metal shelving unit and decorate your kitchen, giving your personal touch and aesthetics.


Customize Callison kitchen to suit your needs and fill it with a variety of accessories such as the legrabox drawer system, top bench accessories or wire baskets that will make your everyday life a lot easier.

Keep everything in order

Callison kitchen, with its simple, clean lines, unlocks your imagination and helps you to keep everything in order.

Open metal shelving for those who dare!

The open metal shelving is the new trend and we suggest you to try it.
It is actually much more functional than closed cabinets as it increases your storage space. There are shelves that we cannot reach them because they probably are too high, to store our utensils, so we end up not using them.


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Available in many colors

Choose from a wide range of materials, colors and textures, contact one of our stores and in collaboration with our experienced decorators, create the kitchen that fits perfectly your style and needs.

Available in many colors